AJ 2019 Suffrage Issue

NEW RESEARCH, VIDEO INTERVIEW: Tiffany Lewis: “Mediating Political Mobility as Stunt Girl Entertainment: The Newspaper Coverage of the Suffragists Hike to Albany”

Women's Suffrage and the Media. Special Issue, American Journalism, Spring 2019

Era: Suffrage Era | Media: Academic Journal, Academic Paper, Scholarly Resarch, Video, Web-based

Tiffany Lewis (CUNY-Baruch) acknowledges that the welcome avalanche of mainstream press coverage of New York’s suffrage hikers indeed subverted aspects of the suffragists’ purpose. For as the women walked the 170 miles from New York City to Albany in December 1912, the press often mocked and made light of their trek. She further contends that by portraying their pilgrimage as a journey of “adventurous, determined, and emotional heroines of an action-packed serial,” the press managed to publicize, represent and domesticate the meaning of the women’s public mobility in a way that made their activism seem less alarming and more intriguing

In the video interview below, Dr. Lewis responds to the questions: What prompted you to write about this topic and what, during your research, surprised or fascinated you about what you learned? (This page will take you to all the synopses of articles in American Journalism’s special issue, “Women’s Suffrage and the Media.”) Here are the links to the article. Taylor & Francis opened access for the period, April 15-July 15, 2019.

Pages: 32-50
Published online: 11 Apr 2019

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