American Journalism’s Special Issue on Women’s Suffrage and the Media – Winter 2019

Spring 2019 is the publication date for the special “Women’s Suffrage and the Media” issue of American Journalism: a journal of media studies, the journal of the American Journalism Historians Association. Here you can find excerpts from the journal’s introduction and five-minute video interviews with the scholars whose articles appear in the volume. In their videos and summaries, they share what prompted their choice of subject and what fascinated or surprised them in the research process.  And here is the link to the online edition of the issue, which will have open access, courtesy of Taylor & Francis, through July 15, 2019. Otherwise, through your library. Our contributors are professors Teri Finneman (Kansas) on the anti-suffragists and the media; Amy Easton Flake (Brigham Young) on the fiction and poetry of the Woman’s Journal and the Revolution, Linda Grasso (CUNY-York) on the suffrage coverage of the Crisis and the Masses, Tiffany Lewis (CUNY-Baruch) on the media framing and response to the suffrage hikers, a historiography of suffrage and the media by Linda Lumsden (Arizona), and Nancy C. Unger (Santa Clara) on the media legacy of Belle La Follette. Professor Lumsden traces the path of suffrage-and-media scholarship from the 1970s to the present.