A Special Issue on Women’s Suffrage and the Media

In April of 2019, or soon after, American Journalism: a journal of media studies, the journal of the American Journalism Historians Association, will publish a special issue titled Women’s Suffrage and the Media. When the time comes, you’ll find all the details on the American Journalism site here. Watch this site for the five-minute video interviews with scholars whose work will appear in the special issue, talking for students and life-long learners about the new research they’ve undertaken for this suffrage centennial commemoration effort. Our contributors are professors Teri Finneman (Kansas) on the anti-suffragists and the media; Amy Easton Flake (Brigham Young) on the fiction and poetry of the Woman’s Journal and the Revolution, Linda Grasso (CUNY-York) on the suffrage coverage of the Crisis and the Masses, Tiffany Lewis (CUNY-Baruch) on the media framing and response to the suffrage hikers, Linda Lumsden (Arizona), and Nancy C. Unger (California-Santa Clara) on the media legacy of Belle La Follette.  Professor Lumsden has contributed a detailed historiography, tracing the path of suffrage-and-media scholarship from the 1970s to the present.