Archival Collection

New York Heritage’s Digital Archive on Women’s Suffrage in NY

New York Heritage Digital Collections. "Recognizing Women's Right to Vote in New York State." Curated by Julia Corrice, Susan Goodier, and Sally Roesch Wagner. May 2018.

Era: Post-Suffrage Era, Suffrage Era | Media: Leaflets, Pamphlets, Posters, Speech, Web-based

The New York Heritage research portal has created a wide-ranging digital archive of materials on the women’s suffrage movement in New York. This archive of records from libraries in New […] Read More

Secondary Source

Interview: Rebecca Boggs Roberts on “Suffragists in Washington, DC: The 1913 Parade and the Fight for the Vote”

Rebecca Boggs Roberts. "Suffragists in Washington, DC: The 1913 Parade and the Fight for the Vote." The History Press: Charleston, SC, 2017.

Era: Post-Suffrage Era | Media: Author Interview, Book-Non-Fiction

Rebecca Boggs Roberts’ book, Suffragists in Washington, DC: The 1913 Parade and the Fight for the Vote, is a concise, well-told and visually appealing narrative of the 1913 suffrage parade organized by […] Read More

Secondary Source

Meneese Wall’s Suffrage Art Prints and Notecards

Meneese Wall.

Era: Post-Suffrage Era | Media: Illustration, Postcards, Web-based

Meneese Wall, a graphic artist and designer based in Santa Fe, New Mexico, has created a series of signed art prints and notecards to commemorate and celebrate the upcoming 2020 […] Read More

Primary Source

Library of Congress Archives of Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton

Library of Congress. "Archival Materials of Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton." LOC.Gov. March 27, 2018.

Era: Suffrage Era | Media: Newspapers, Pamphlets, Speech, Web-based

The Library of Congress digitized and organized thousands of documents of suffrage leaders Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton. The collection spans the years 1840 to 1906, and includes […] Read More

Secondary Source

Frances E. W. Harper: A Black Suffragist, Abolitionist and Author

Koritha Mitchell. "Know Frederick Douglass and Elizabeth Cady Stanton? You should also know Frances E. W. Harper." February 14, 2018.

Era: Post-Suffrage Era | Media: Academic Paper, Web-based

In a piece for the Women’s Media Center, English professor Koritha Mitchell exhorts the reader to learn about Frances Ellen Watkins Harper. Mitchell’s piece on Harper’s life is a good […] Read More

Primary Source

“Are Women People?” The Poetry of Alice Duer Miller

Alice Duer Miller. "Are Women People?" columns. New York Tribune. 1914-1917.

Era: Suffrage Era | Media: Academic Paper, Book-Non-Fiction, Newspapers, Web-based

“Are women people?” It’s a question you may have seen floating around the Internet lately, an absurd line calling attention to patriarchy, sexism and the dehumanization of women. But the line […] Read More