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  Every Woman’s Problem, a Silent Film Imagining the First Woman Governor Mothers of Men/Every Woman's Problem. Director: Willis Robards. Performers: Dorothy Davenport, Willis Robards, Maclyn King. Plymouth Pictures, 1917.   The Catherine H. Palczewski Suffrage Postcard Archive at the University of Northern Iowa, Cedar Falls, IA   A shout-out to our sponsors Click Here Lady Gaga Parody: Caught in a Bad Romance ‘Til We Have Suffrage We Are Caught in a Bad Romance Until We Have Suffrage. Director: Tim Alden Grant. Performers: Meredith Garrison, Dan Williams, Tripp Hamilton, Sarah Barnhardt, Talmadge Ragan, Mae Spencer. Soomo Publishing, 2012.   Race, Gender, and the Fight for Votes for Women: W.E.B. Du Bois On Suffrage The Crisis: A Record of the Darker Races, National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, 1911-1920. Letter to the Editor from Melinda Hall Gardner: The Suffrage Pickets Matilda Hall Gardner. "The Suffrage Pickets." New York Evening Post, June 4, 1917.   Become a Contributor Add to our expanding database of Suffrage media Click Here   Graphic Novel Trilogy: Suffrajitsu: Mrs. Pankhurst’s Amazons Tony Wolf and Joao Vieira. Suffrajitsu: Mrs. Pankhurst's Amazons. Seattle: Jet City, 2015.   New York Times Letters: Should Women Have the Vote in New York State? "Should Women Have the Vote in New York State?" New York Times. February 14, 1915. Pp. 83-88. Suffragettes in the Silent Cinema, a Documentary Film Suffragettes in the Silent Cinema. Director: Kay Sloan. Women Make Movies, 2003. Iron Jawed Angels, a Film About Suffragist Alice Paul Iron Jawed Angels. Director: Katja von Garnier, Performers: Hilary Swank, Margo Martindale, Anjelica Huston. HBO, 2004.
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