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  Library of Congress: Suffragists in Song   Exhibition: National Archives “Rightfully Hers”   All about American Journalism's special issue: Women's Suffrage and the Media Click Here Ellen Carol DuBois in the Washington Post: “What Activists Today Can Learn from the Women’s Suffrage Movement” Persistence and coalition-building are the keys to overcoming backlash   Audio: NPR’s All Things Considered: Sally Roesch Wagner, Editor, New Anthology on Women’s Suffrage NEW RESEARCH AND VIDEO INTERVIEW: Linda Grasso, “Differently Radical: Suffrage Issues and Feminist Ideas in the Crisis and the Masses” Women's Suffrage and the Media, American Journalism Special Issue, Spring 2019   Become a Contributor Add to our expanding database of Suffrage media Click Here   NEW RESEARCH: “Special Issue: Women’s Suffrage and the Media” AMERICAN JOURNALISM: A journal of media history, Vol. 36, Iss. 1, Spring 2019 (Open Access April 15, 2019-July 15, 2019)   VIDEOS, SLIDES: Judges, Lawyers, & Women’s Suffrage: Recognizing the Men Who Stood with Women on the Front Lines Gender Fairness Committee, New York State Courts, 3rd Judicial District NEW RESEARCH, VIDEO INTERVIEW: Tiffany Lewis: “Mediating Political Mobility as Stunt Girl Entertainment: The Newspaper Coverage of the Suffragists Hike to Albany” Women's Suffrage and the Media. Special Issue, American Journalism, Spring 2019 NEW RESEARCH, VIDEO, PODCAST INTERVIEWS: Teri Finneman: “Covering a Countermovement on the Verge of Defeat: The Press and the 1917 Social Movement Against Woman Suffrage” Women's Suffrage and the Media. Special Issue, American Journalism, Spring 2019
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