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Video: Suffragists From the Stage

"Suffragists From The Stage: Votes for Women." Directed by Melody Brooks, Developed by Mari Lyn Henry.

Era: Post-Suffrage Era | Media: Theatre, Web-based

“Suffragists From the Stage” is a performance of pro-suffrage quotes that American actresses uttered during the fight for voting rights, a history lesson wrapped in a theatrical performance.

The performance by contemporary actresses features the words of figures like Mary ShawFola La Follette, and Izetta Jewel,  accompanied by a slideshow to give more context to the speeches. The featured women were prominent stage actresses who used their platforms to advocate for women’s suffrage.

“Suffragists From the Stage” has been put on a number of times in New York.

This video is a sample of what you would see if you attended the performance:

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