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VIDEO, LECTURE: “What We Can Learn About Allyship Today from “Suffragents” Who Helped Women Get the Vote”

Brooke Kroeger, NYU Bentsen Deans Lecture, September 23, 2019

Era: Post-Suffrage Era, Suffrage Era | Media: Speech, Video


What can those with visibility and influence do – beyond stating support for a particular movement – to combat injustice? Can those with power and privilege advance the interests of others – without hijacking or getting in the way of the efforts of the marginalized groups they mean to support? NYU Journalism Professor Brooke Kroeger explores the formation of the Men’s League for Women Suffrage, how it grew from 150 founding members into a force of thousands across thirty-five states, what they did at the behest of the movement’s female leadership – and why.

Part of the NYU College of Arts & Science’s Benston Dean’s Lecture series, recorded by NYU-TV.



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