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The United States of Anxiety Podcast: Suffrage Monuments in Tennessee

WNYC. The United States of Anxiety. "Episode 3: The Pedestal." September 25, 2018.

Era: Post-Suffrage Era | Media: Radio/Audio, Web-based

“The United States of Anxiety,” a podcast that airs on WNYC, profiled Paula Casey, an author, speaker and expert on women’s suffrage.

The podcast episode spotlights Casey’s push to create a “suffrage heritage” trail in Tennessee, the state that clinched the women suffrage movement’s victory. Tennessee was the decisive 36th state that voted for women’s suffrage in 1920.

Here’s WNYC’s summary of the podcast episode:

Paula Casey is on a mission. She wants to erect a statue in Memphis dedicated to those who fought for a woman’s right to vote more than a century ago. The problem: There’s a Confederate monument in the way. And… meet the woman who vowed to shut down women’s suffrage forever.

Listen to the entire episode below, or at WNYC’s website.

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