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Online Exhibit: “Rights for Women: The Suffrage Movement and its Leaders”

"Rights for Women: The Suffrage Movement and its Leaders." National Women's History Museum, 2007.

Era: Post-Suffrage Era | Media: Web-based

This online exhibit, “Rights for Women: The Suffrage Movement and its Leaders,” provides a detailed history of the the American women’s suffrage movement from the 1830s to the 1920s, curated by the National Women’s History Museum. Each section includes text descriptions, photographs, and scans of documents from the era. There are also numerous links to more detailed explanations of events, and profiles of important suffragist leaders. In addition, there is a useful list of links to additional resources.

The various sections of the exhibit are:

I. Introduction to the Movement
II. The Abolition Movement and Woman Suffrage
III. The Seneca Falls Convention and the Early Suffrage Movement
IV. Post-Civil War and the Emergence of Two Movements
V. 1869-1890: A Movement Divided
VI. The Movement Reunites
VII. African American Women and Suffrage 
VIII. A New Century: A Mass Movement 
IX. Women and the Trade Union Movement
X. The National American Woman Suffrage Association Reinvigorated
XI. Men Support the Woman Suffrage Movement
XII. The National American Woman Suffrage Association under Carrie Chapman Catt 
XIII. The Militant Women’s Movement
XIV. WWI and Winning the Vote
XV. Aftermath
XVI. List of Woman Suffrage Leaders
XVII. Suffrage Political Cartoons
XVIII. Did You Know? Facts About Woman Suffrage 
XIX. Other Resources

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