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Nellie Bly with the Female Suffragists – Washington DC Convention of 1896

The New York World, 26 January 1896, p. 4; January 27, 1896, p. 10; February 2, 1896 p. 10;

Era: Post-Suffrage Era, Suffrage Era | Media: Newspapers, Sketches

Bly covered the 1896 suffrage convention in Washington, D.C., and in typical fashion, had her own take on the proceedings, including enough “Fashion Don’t” critique for its to be highlighted in the subhead. Bly was a feminist and supportive of suffrage but never directly identified with the movement. She was honored, however, by being made a sentry in the 1913 Washington DC suffrage parade. Brooke Kroeger’s Nellie Bly: Daredevil, Reporter Feminist, has numerous references to Bly, the state of the suffrage movement and her relationship to it during her active years as a newspaper writer. Bly also interviewed Susan B. Anthony at the convention and wrote about Suffrage and the Pulpit . Here, from the 1896 Washington convention, is Bly’s overall coverage:

From Kroeger, Nellie Bly Daredevil-Reporter-Feminist, pp. .281-186

And below are PDFs of all three articles in full, as archived at
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"Nellie Bly and the Suffragists," New York World, January 26, 1896

Nellie Bly, "Woman in the Pulpit: Nellie Bly Reports a Sermon by One of the Woman Suffrage Preachers," New York World, January 27, 1896

"Champion of Her Sex: Susan B. Anthony Tells the Story of Her Remarkable Life to Nellie Bly," New York World, February 2, 1896

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