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Listen to a 101-year-old Clarion Call for Women’s Suffrage Preserved in Shellac

Gertrude Foster Brown, New York Public Records Archives & Preservation via Andy Lanset, WNYC, May 8, 2016

Era: Suffrage Era | Media: Radio/Audio

At this link, New York public radio station WNYC‘s Andy Lanset elucidates on remarks recorded for Pathé by Gertrude Foster Brown, one of the paragon’s of the New York suffrage campaign, and on the flip side, the “Woman and Democracy” speech of one of the founders of the Men’s League for Woman Suffrage, Rabbi Stephen S. Wise, which can be heard at the link below or here. See also, this article by Brooke Kroeger, author of The Suffragents: How Women Used Men to Get the Vote in about the suffrage publicity generated by a public smack-down over suffrage between two of Reform Judaism’s most eminent rabbis, Wise and Rabbi Joseph Silverman of Temple Emanu-El, both of New York City.

Gertrude Foster Brown, Recorded Remarks, Pathe, 1915

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