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George Middleton: “Votes for Women—Struggle Educates” and James Lees Laidlaw: “MENS’ LEAGUE—WHY?”

St. John's Globe, New Brunswick, May 17, 1912

Era: Suffrage Era | Media: Commentary, Newspapers

  As published in the St. John’s Globe, New Brunswick, May 17, 1912 by George Middleton and James Lees Laidlaw Read More

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Theodora Bean Interview: “Carrie Chapman Catt: The Greatest Woman in Suffrage and the Greatest Story Written About Her”

New York Morning Telegraph Sunday Magazine, December 29, 1912, Section 2, Page 1

Era: Suffrage Era | Media: Newspapers

Theodora Bean’s interview with Carrie Chapman Catt   NYMorningTelegraph29Dec1912Sec   Read More

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The Yellow Rose Journal: The US Suffrage Centennial 2020 Storytelling Archive

A project of the National Women's Suffrage Centennial Commission

Era: Post-Suffrage Era, Suffrage Era | Media: Essay

Visit the site of the Yellow Rose Journal, a project of the National Women’s Suffrage Centennial Commission LEARNGET INVOLVEDTHE STATES about the commissionour partnersnewsshop   THE JOURNAL The Yellow Rose […] Read More

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Pasadena Celebrates: 2020 Rose Bowl Parade Suffrage Centennial Celebration and Float

Era: Post-Suffrage Era, Suffrage Era | Media: Entertainment, Pageants and Parades, Television

From the website of Pasadena Celebrates 2020 The Celebration 2020 marks the 100th anniversary of the passage of the 19th Amendment, granting women the Right to Vote. This centennial offers […] Read More

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“’19 the MUSICAL”

"In '19 the Musical.' women sing and dance their way to suffrage

Era: Post-Suffrage Era, Suffrage Era | Media: Music, Theatre

Musical website:   Read the article  in full: In ’19: The Musical,’ women sing and dance their way to suffrage To mark the centennial of women’s right to vote, […] Read More

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James Anderson in Leslie’s Weekly in July 1918: “The Forty-Five Year Fight for Suffrage” “. . .The most drawn out and curious of all political fights”

Leslie's Weekly, July 20, 1918, Volume 127, No. 3239, pp. 87 and 89 - Digital Library@Villanova University

Era: Suffrage Era | Media: Essay, Magazines, Web-based

Leslie’s Weekly, a popular illustrated national magazine (which, during the early 1900s, regularly featured women reporters and photographers, such as Eleanor Franklin, Harriet Quimby, Sadie Kneller Miller [aka Mrs. C.R.] […] Read More