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  • Please include a featured image with every book, and every entry except Academic Papers (unless the paper has truly compelling images.) That way they will show up in browse. If you are unable to find a good cover image of a primary, suffrage era book, (e.g. The Bostonians), use a compelling author headshot.
  • Try to keep the front page with a good mix of genders, ages, contemporary and historical material, secondary sources, film, and above all, compelling images. We now can do this through a handy dandy manual thing that Garrett is setting up. That way we don’t have to backdate and manipulate time and date anymore.
  • Make each entry as complete and conversational as you can. Go the extra research mile. If it’s a book, include links to reviews or ancillary information of interest. If it’s a videotaped panel, listen to get a good nugget or two to entice the listen.
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