Welcome to Suffrage and the Media, a database and resource site created by members of the American Journalism Historians Association. Our team includes the editors and several editorial board members of the academic journal, American Journalism: a journal of media history, which is publishing a special issue on this theme in spring 2019 to commemorate the 2019-2020 centennial anniversary of women’s suffrage in the United States. On this site, you will find video links to short synopses of the new research, all headlined SUFFRAGE AND THE MEDIA, American Journalism Special Issue, Spring 2019 with subheads identifying each author and article title.

This website, launched in June 2017, is intended to serve as a multimedia resource companion to the special suffrage issue. It includes an ever-growing collection of media-related suffrage content and includes when possible direct access to primary and secondary sources or, when restrictions prevent display, information about where and how to locate and obtain them.

The site aims to serve a diverse group of users, from middle schoolers to life-long learners to academic researchers and scholars. We also plan to include original book reviews and links to past reviews, interviews with authors in various media formats, and other special features. The site’s resources are being expanded continually throughout the centennial celebration period.

As our research continues, we will gratefully accept documents and images from our users for consideration. Do you have something in mind that we should add? Please study our Style Guidelines and work through our Submit page form if you have material you’d like to offer us.

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