Ellen Carol DuBois in the Washington Post: “What Activists Today Can Learn from the Women’s Suffrage Movement”

Persistence and coalition-building are the keys to overcoming backlash

Era: Post-Suffrage Era, Suffrage Era | Media: Commentary, Newspapers, Web-based

UCLA Professor Emerita Ellen Carol DuBois contributed this commentary to the Washington Post on International Women’s Day 2019: “What Activists Today Can Learn From the Women’s Suffrage Movement.” She maintains, […] Read More

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A Video Career Celebration of Carol Ellen DuBois

A retirement celebration for Ellen Carol DuBois, UCLA Distinguished Professor of History and Gender Studies Emerita

Era: Post-Suffrage Era | Media: Documentary Film, Video

A celebration of the career of University of California, Los Angeles professor of history and gender studies Ellen Carol DuBois, highlighting her work on women’s suffrage, Victoria Woodhull, and the […] Read More